Is sparring and grappling a required part of class?

We never make anyone spar who does not wish to, but sparring is an important part of the learning process because it exploits your weaknesses and strengths so you and your instructor can track your progress. Sparring will also teach you how to apply techniques to a fully resisting opponent. What we will do is have you spar with an instructor first or with some of the advanced students who are knowledgeable on how to grapple with new students. We find that most people, once they get the taste of sparring, realize that it is fun, a great workout and want to then spar more. Do I need any previous experience to join Morning Star Jiu Jitsu? Absolutely not. We love teaching beginners and cater to the needs of each student's ability and experience. Is this type of training only for people who want to learn how to fight? No! We primarily teach effective self defense and competition techniques. Most of our students enjoy the challenge of learning something new, while also getting fitness and self defense benefits out of our classes. What should I wear to class? You can wear gym shorts and a t-shirt all week when trying out Morning Star Jiu Jitsu.

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