What To Expect

What can I expect for my first class?

Walking into the school for the first time can be very intimidating no matter who you are. We try to make this experience as fun as possible!

When you first come to the school you'll be required to sign a waiver form and that's it. There is no obligation for you to do anything else.

If you're interested in NOGI Jiu Jitsu then you can show up in a t-shirt or Under Armor style compression shirt and shorts with a drawstring you can tie, leggings or sweatpants. If you're interested in trying out Gi Jiu Jitsu then you'll either need a Gi uniform of your own or we have Gis at the school that you can use until you decide to purchase your own.

Next you have 2 different options for your first class.

1) You can contact us and set up a free 30 minute private lesson. - This lesson will be with the head instructor and will consist of learning the basic movements used in jiu jitsu that we practice before each class as part of the warm up. We'll explain the format and structure of the classes and answer any questions you might have. After this free private lesson you are still welcome to attend classes for a week as a free trial.

2) You can jump right into class! Some people prefer diving in head first and starting with the group classes. The instructor will pair you up with a more experienced student to work with during the class. Never be afraid to ask questions to the instructor or your partner. Someday you'll be the experienced student who's helping to make someone's first day fun!

The classes start out with a warm up that includes basic body movements used in Jiu Jitsu. Then we get into some flow drills to help build muscle memory. Next is the technique part of the class and we finish up with some live drills using the positions we worked on during the technique part of class. After most classes there is a minimum of 30 minutes for live sparring. This is completely optional but encouraged to help with advancing your Jiu Jitsu technique. We will always pair you up with an instructor or advanced student when you first begin live sparring so you have access to someone who can answer your questions.

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