Belt Ranking

We Follow The Traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Belt Ranking System!

For those who want to train in the Gi we also use the striping system. Each belt color progresses with 4 stripes before a promotion to the next belt rank. You'll notice that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu belts have a black bar on one end that is about 4 inches long. This is the area where stripes are added to show progress towards the next belt rank. The black belt has a red bar for the same purpose. You'll notice some black belts have a white stripe on each end of the red bar. This designates who the instructor is vs a student black belt that does not have these 2 stripes.

In NOGI we do not offer the stripes because students do not wear their belts during class. Students who only train NOGI will be promoted to the next belt rank without the stripes as an indicator of progression.

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