COVID-19 Updates & Information

Thank you your interest in Morning Star Jiu Jitsu!


We are now open and adding classes back onto the schedule! Check the schedule to see the current classes times!

Steps we're taking to minimize risks:

Cleaning the mats continues as usual but we will wipe down other surfaces multiple times a day including tables, front desk area, cubbies for shoes, refrigerator, etc....

Protocol for students attending class

1) We're asking everyone to use the hand sanitizer when you come in

2) We will check your temperature as you enter the gym

3) You must sign the additional waiver form before each class you participate in

The waiver overview: - You are not sick and are not showing any symptoms - You have not had contact with anyone who is sick or currently showing symptoms - You understand and accept the risks of training jiu jitsu. You understand jiu jitsu is a martial art that requires bodily contact with other individuals

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